Business Database

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From small changes to big changes, business data is constantly in need of refreshing. That’s why we work endlessly to ensure even the smallest of details is updated in our system.

Our business database contains millions of different kinds of businesses, filtered by 4-digit SIC codes which are broken down even further into our 7-digit system. If you don’t know the businesses SIC code you can always type the business category out too.

With a 95% accuracy rate achieved through our triple-verification it’s no wonder people love using our business database.

How it works

Search our entire database of over 14 million businesses across the whole United States.

Choose the ZIP code and type of business you want to target and gain access to a wealth of information about the business including, top professionals, phone number, website addresses, email addresses (where available), and physical address.

Once you have completed your search take your newly acquired leads and create a marketing and sales plan to target those potential customers.

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