Common Questions and Answers

Find the answers to our most asked questions

1. Why do I only get to select by one ZIP Code?

Most salespeople sell in a territory of less than 20 ZIP codes. It is much easier for them to use one ZIP code at a time. If you want to search within a bigger territory, please subscribe to our platinum service.

2. Why can’t I get email addresses?

Because of spamming law, we cannot give email addresses. We are responsible for our users and do not want to break the law.

3. How come I only get 25 leads per day?

Most salespeople or small business owners can only handle 10 leads a day. If you want more, subscribe to our platinum service.

4. How long do I get free sales leads?

Free sales leads are offered for 60 days to try out. Once your 60 days are up you can subscribe to our platinum service for a very low price.

5. How come some of the information is not accurate?

We use thousands of sources to update our database. Due to changes taking place every day, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Keep in mind that our leads are only a starting point, not a complete solution by itself. You still have to do the heavy lifting.

6. How often is the database updated?

We spend millions of dollars in order to update our data continuously, it never stops.

7. Can you add more selections to select from?

At this time there is no need. However, if you would like more selections you can subscribe to our platinum service.

8. What do I do once I get my leads?

Once you get your leads, and verify they are the right leads for you, approach your prospects by direct mail. We suggest sending postcards with discounted or free offers.

9. What filters are available?

For our business database, you must first choose a ZIP code. After choosing a ZIP code, you can narrow your search by business type/SIC code and business size. For our consumer database, you can choose either households or homeowners and select a ZIP code. Within the consumer database, you can also choose to narrow your search by home value.

10. What database should I use?

It depends on who your customers are. If you’re looking to sell to other businesses, use our business database. If you are looking to sell to consumers, you can use our consumer or homeowner database. For example, a roofing company would use our homeowner database to sell their roofing service, while a bakery owner would use our household database to reach a wider number of residents in the area.