Advice for New Salespeople

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Whether you’ve known you wanted to go into sales your whole life or you’re just now getting into it, we all have to learn somehow. If you look at a seasoned salesperson, they make it look so easy. It’s like they were just born with the natural ability to sell. Chances are, however, they were once just like you, researching how to become better at sales. Sales isn’t a magical talent you’re born with it’s something that with a lot of practice anyone can be good at.

Here are six quick tips for new salespeople to become all stars:

  1. 1. Ask questions

    You will be around people who have been doing the job much longer than you have. While you might have learned all the new sales techniques, they’ve actually been doing the job. Ask questions often and learn from your peers. Many salespeople often regret not asking more questions. Make your life easier and don’t be afraid to ask when you don’t know or want to know more.

  2. 2. Get a mentor

    A mentor can help speed up the learning curve. They’d act as your own personal resource. You would be able to shadow them to see them in action. A lot of people are hands on learners, and this is the perfect way to learn quickly. Listening in on phone conversations and in person pitches will give you a wealth of information to learn from. If your company doesn’t assign you a mentor don’t be afraid to ask for one.

  3. 3. Understand the clients’ perspective

    Don’t get stuck in your own perspective. You will be talking to clients who are older than you that have different views and aspirations. If you fail to understand or even just respect the perspectives of other, you will battle to maintain relationships with some clients and struggle to close sales with many prospects.

  4. 4. Do your research

    With understanding your clients’ perspective, you also want to understand their business. While you can’t become an expert overnight you can learn the key aspects. Being able to speak specifically to their business will not only impress your client it will also it will position you above others who can’t, giving you the advantage. Research helps you shape your pitch. Find a problem your client has and explain to them how you can solve it.
  5. 5. Don’t be an order taker

    Get out in front of your customers – don’t sit back and wait for them to come to you. People like to see initiative, it shows that you value their business and want to help them succeed. Go out and find new clients on your own.

  6. 6. Don’t oversell

    If you present someone with too much upfront, you can cause confusion. The client wants to know exactly what they’re getting. By pointing out too many features you can easily overwhelm them and cause them to be turned off. Keep it simple. It’s better to be great at a few things than okay at a lot of things. Point out the features that are specifically useful to them and leave out the ones that aren’t.

Remember to keep learning new sales techniques and implementing them into your work so you’re always improving.

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10 Tips to Close a Sale

Closing a Deal

The ultimate goal of a sales call is to finish with a new customer, but closing a sale isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. From believing in what you’re selling to researching your client and the industry to know exactly what they want, you can be on top. Knowing how to sell yourself, the product or service, and your client will get you the sale.

Let’s look at ten points that will get you closer to closing the deal quickly and easily.

  1. 1. Identify the decision maker

    Lots of companies use middlemen but why use up time explaining your product or service to just them if they aren’t the one to make the final decision? A middleman will most likely have no authority and won’t be making the decisions. With a middleman, there’s also a lot of potential for misunderstandings, confusion, and uncomfortable situations.

    Ask upfront if the person you are speaking with is the final decision-maker. If they aren’t, ask to have the person with the final decision making capabilities present at all your sales meetings. If there are multiple decision-makers make sure to create a relationship with as many as you can.

  2. 2. Believe in what you are selling

    There’s a noticeable difference in your tone and attitude when you believe in what you’re selling. Having a passion for the product or service creates a livelier conversation. Potential clients will be able to tell you believe in what you are selling, which in turn builds trust in what you are telling them.

  3. 3. Personalize your package

    Before using your service, prospects will be looking to compare to your competition. They, of course, want to compare side by side to get the best price. If, however, you uniquely personalize your services, prospects will have a harder time comparing services by just price. They will have to look more into your product/service and find that you offer more benefits.

  4. 4. Highlight your current customers

    By this we mean show them off – highlight testimonials and case studies from your best customers. These actions will quickly build trust, showcase your expertise, and make prospects want to work with you. Prospects will picture themselves as current customers seeing that you can help them achieve similar goals.

  5. 5. Offer Rewards and Bonuses

    If you are speaking with a customer who is on the fence, be ready to offer a special reward or program just for them. You can also give away free stuff, as people love it. Offer different types of bonuses with each package. These offers will entice potential clients to take action. Make sure to give a deadline too, as you are only offering these rewards and bonuses because they are on the fence.

  6. 6. Find ways to help the customer

    You are in the industry, what other things can your potential customer do or use to help improve their business. Giving suggestions as to other products or services that will help their business will create reliance and trust between you and the client. It shows good character to give suggestions to solve the client’s needs even when you won’t benefit from it. The prospect will know they can count on you to receive helpful advice and, in turn, will lean more towards choosing to do business with you.

  7. 7. Know your competition

    Be able to point out the differences in your business versus your competition. What do you have to offer that’s different and better than your competition? You’ll be able to convince the potential client that you are better if you know what your competition is offering and showcase those key differences to them.

  8. 8. Ask for the sale but do not obsess

    Be forthcoming and ask for the sale; at the end of the day, that is why you are contacting them. They should know that you are there to answer any questions they have, but more importantly, you are calling to convince them to choose you. However, don’t be too pushy and obsess over getting a sale right then and there. Give them a deadline, 48 hours, the end of the week, next time you get in contact, etc. Make them know you’re excited to close a deal with them, but don’t sound like you are desperate for the close.

  9. 9. Improve follow up

    Only a small amount of sales occur on the first contact. That means follow-ups are essential – you don’t want to underdo it, but you also don’t want to overdo it. The recommended amount of follow-ups lies between five to eight times. When following up, make sure you are adding new and valuable information to the ongoing conversation. You always want to have a specific reason for contacting your prospect, don’t just have a follow-up conversation. Be persistent but also know when it’s time to stop.

  10. 10. Provide flexible payment options

    Your prospect may want to say yes but choose to decline because they can’t match the price at the moment. Don’t make payment in full now be the reason the prospect walks away. Be open to working with your clients to remove payment as an obstacle.