Why Lead Quality Matters

Lead Generation

Quality over quantity applies to a lot of things we do in our daily lives – especially in certain aspects of sales. Lead generation is at the forefront of quality over quantity.

Lead quantity – gathering all the leads you can find and wishing for the best as you take time and resources out to reach to every single one – is seldom as effective as lead quality.

When the success of your business relies on the constant gathering of new customers, it’s a no-brainer that quality trumps quantity. Many salespeople and marketers waste their efforts targeting leads that will never amount to anything. Low-quality leads may save you time and money at first, but in the long run they will only end up costing you more.

What good is a pipeline full of leads when you don’t even know if they match the audience you’re trying to target? Quality leads meet the demographics of your target audience. The very best lead quality can even go beyond that, meeting their psychographics (personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles).

With qualified leads, you’re all but guaranteeing that you’ve checked off as many of the target audience qualifications as possible.

Need more convincing that quality leads are essential to your lead generation strategy?

The Costs of Using Bad Leads

Time chasing weak leads

When pursuing unqualified, bad sales leads you risk wasting your time. The time spent trying to reach a bad lead could be spent on more productive things such as closing multiple deals with leads you know are more likely to buy. Knowing who you’re contacting can save you a tremendous amount of time.

Bad data also slows employees down so much so that they feel their performance suffers. Something such as calling a person that no longer exists at a number wastes more than 27 percent of their time [Anodot].

Money/Resources on wasted time

How you reach your prospect, whether it be by direct mail or a widespread email campaign, costs money. For every bad lead, your business loses money that could be spent on a reliable lead.

Opportunities missed

Opportunities are missed when you’re using inaccurate data. In the US alone, businesses lose $3.1 trillion annually due to poor data quality [Anodot]. Image how much you would save by getting qualified leads. With weak leads you also lower your opportunity to close a sale.

Finding Real Value

So why would you trust just any company to provide such a critical service? You need a sales lead provider that brings you real value. Here’s what to look for:


How long has the company been providing its services? You want a company that knows what it’s doing.

Quality Control

Find out where the company gets its data from. Does it just collect and resell other companies’ data? Be sure to find a provider that constantly qualifies its own data.

Customer Satisfaction

Research what customers are saying about the company. Look how its reputation stacks up against others.


Find a company that has experienced people who are available to help when you need them. Good customer service is a must.

Do your research and put your trust in a company that has the data and services that will help you build your sales.

Three key steps to improving your Lead Generation

Image: Man on computer

Lead generation is one of the best ways to grow your business and get quality sales. Sales leads provide opportunities to not only reach sales goals but to exceed them. Having a dynamic lead generation strategy will boost you to the customer goals you’re trying to reach.

Start using these key lead generation strategies to help your business get quality customers.

  1. Clearly define your goals

    While this sounds like a mundane step, it’s very important. You need to know what you want and what you think you can achieve. Being able to work towards something and reach it in the set amount of time gives you more motivation to achieve it.

    Your goal must be clear and precise. Goal setting is a common practice but while lots of people take the time to set goals, very few actually reach them. That’s why it’s important that we take time to really think over and set an achievable goal.

    In setting your goal you must start broad and then break it down even further. What is your yearly goal, monthly, weekly, daily? Having a goal broken down and implemented into to your daily routine will help you reach it.

    What is your lead generation goal?

  2. Make your company stand out

    What value do you bring? Let customers know the value they get out of using your product or service. You must explain what makes your company so special. Maybe it’s the added features of the products no one else has or maybe it’s just what your company stands for and how they benefit the community. Lots of companies stand out to consumers because of their social responsibility. Is your company helping others? Show your customers how.

    Another way to stand out is a comparison to your competition. Explain how you’re different and better. Why would the customer want to choose you over another company who makes the same product?

    Features, benefits, value, use these to make yourself stand out. A feature is an attribute or fact about your product, service, or company. A benefit is how that feature helps your prospect. Value extends beyond what your product or service can do for your prospect and aligns your benefits with the prospect’s larger goals and objectives.

    Position your company in a way that makes you stand out. Just because you know the benefits and value of your product/service and company doesn’t mean consumers know.

  3. Create Lead Magnets

    Lead magnets are the things that attract the target audience and convinces them to engage further. These are crucial to generating leads online.

    Lead magnets include:

    • Company’s homepage
    • Landing pages
    • Blogsite
    • Call to actions throughout the website
    • Contact us form
    • Get more information form
    • Newsletter signup form
    • Social media sites
    • Valuable content suited for your target audience for your website and social media accounts

    Lead magnets need to be very convincing. You must know your target audience and understand what they would find to be a tempting deal. There are lots of ways to capture leads through lead magnets, you just need to get creative in your approach.

Lead generation requires a lot of patience and new ideas. Even the simplest of ideas can match up to the most thought out ideas. It’s all dependent on how you utilize the information you have to create effective strategies that consumers would find irresistible.

Databases for Lead Generation

FreeSalesLeads prides itself on having the best database filled with over 250 million business and consumer leads. Our databases are sure to supply you with the very best leads. Wondering what each database contains and offers? Here is a breakdown of our three databases:

Graphic: FSL databases

Business Database

From small businesses to huge businesses within the United States, we have them all. Search our entire database of over 14 million businesses, filtered by 4-digit SIC codes which are broken down even further into our 7-digit system. If you don’t know the businesses SIC code you can always type the business category out too.

Choose the ZIP code and type of business you want to target and gain access to a wealth of information about the business including, top professionals, phone numbers, website addresses, email addresses (where available), and physical address. Once you have completed your search take your newly acquired leads and make your own marketing and sales plan to target those potential customers. Our business database is 95% accurate through our triple-verified parameters.

Household Database

Households consists of one or more people who live in the same dwelling. If you are trying to target families, parents, children, etc. this database is perfect for you. Search more than 160 million consumer households across the whole United States.

Choose any ZIP code and home value and gain access to the name, address, and contact information of the consumers best suited for you. Once you have completed your search use the information gathered to target your audience through direct mail, telemarketing, email campaigns, and much more.

Homeowner Database

Homeowners are those who own the home in which they live. This home can be a house, an apartment, condominium, or a housing cooperative. If you are in real estate, insurance, roofing, etc. this database is perfect for you. Search more than 140 million consumer households across the whole United States.

Choose any ZIP code and home value and gain access to the name, address, and contact information of the consumers you want. Next, take the consumers you gathered for the day, week, month, and create a plan on how to best target them.

Make us work for you! We have already compiled and supplied the manpower to constantly update our system to bring the leads right to you. Check it out for yourself!

How to get free sales leads online

One of the hardest things about starting and continuing to run a business is gaining and retaining customers. From small businesses to big businesses we all need customers to make our companies succeed and continue to succeed long into the future.

There are several ways businesses can find customers but very little of those come at no cost. That is why we created FreeSalesLeads.us. FreeSalesLeads.us is a simple-to-use online database that makes finding prospects and customers easy.

With our easy to use layout you can find customers that match your profile in minutes. Users have the ability to narrow their search down within our 14 million plus business leads and 260 million plus consumer leads (further broken down into homeowners or households).

After choosing business or consumer leads, break down your search by geography (ZIP code), type of business, home value, and other demographics to get the perfect sales leads for your business. You will find leads anywhere from homeowners, businesses, insurance agents, relators, car owners, lawyers, medical professionals, and much more.

Once you perfect your search you will gain access to prospects names, addresses and contact information. Each day the total number of prospects available to you resets to keep your flow constant. That’s hundreds of new leads per week!

FreeSalesLeads prides itself on supplying up to date, accurate leads. That is why we guarantee honesty and transparency within our service, reliability through triple-verified and up to date data, and quality leads that will help your company grow.

Getting started is easy and free! Just visit our homepage to start reaching more customers.

Graphic: how to get FSL